A New Day (Split with Müldeponie)

by Beyond the Dawn, Müldeponie



Split with Müldeponie written August/September 2013, recorded, mixed & mastered November/December 2013.


released December 10, 2013

-----Beyond the Dawn-----
Ausk - Vocals & Lyrics
B. - All Instruments
Amanda - Guest Vocals on Cloud Nine

P. - All Instruments
Beon. - All Instruments

Cover Design by Ausk
Album Photography by Malphas



all rights reserved


Beyond the Dawn Australia

Beyond the Dawn is a project starting in May 2013 from the minds of Ausk and B. Our aim is to go beyond what we feel every day and to make the music as beautiful and raw as life itself.

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Track Name: Agony
There is no turning back...
The presence of what ever was here, it's gone,
Cold wind that touches my skin tonight,
This Spring,

Already I can't take these mental mazes,
I can not live with these lies,
Is there any reason why I'm here?

This is all an illusion, a deception,
Life is a simple illusion,
a small clock, sapping my existence,

I will only be ash travelling through,
from nothing,
There will be no tomorrow,

What am I?
Who am I, Really?
Who was I?

Do not want to keep walking this evening,
Although I see the reflection of a light at the
end of the road, I will never...
That is only an illusion of my miserable mind,

I will never!

What can I do?

Before the cruel truth...
Live in the present,
knowing that in the morning,
I will be dust...

Nothing in this world, so indifferent...
Track Name: Fear
Miedo a caer... nuevamente...
miedo a no volverte a ver...
miedo a no sentir mas...

pequeños momentos que determinan
el rumbo de la vida...

miedo a no saber de ti...
miedo que condena la felicidad
miedo que consume mi corazon...

No escucharte llegar en la mañana
me desespera...

ya no quiero estar solo...

Donde estás?
solo espero tu llamada

tanto miedo tengo
de no volverte a ver...

La vida se me va,
que puedo hacer, para volverte
a ver..