Far Beyond Melancholy (Split with Idaaliur)

by Beyond the Dawn, Idaaliur



All tracks written, mixed & mastered in July/August 2013.


released September 10, 2013

Tracks 1 - 3 written by Beyond the Dawn. Mixed by B.
Tracks 4 - 5 written by Idaaliur. Mixed by Malphas.
Track 6 written by Idaaliur & Beyond the Dawn. Mixed by B.
All tracks mastered by Black Sword Studio.
Cover art by Malphas.

Idaaliur's Bandcamp:

Physical copy of the CD and tape available from Aschefruehling Records here:
Released on CDR and Tape 14/10/2013
Catalogue Number AR-0046



all rights reserved


Beyond the Dawn Australia

Beyond the Dawn is a project starting in May 2013 from the minds of Ausk and B. Our aim is to go beyond what we feel every day and to make the music as beautiful and raw as life itself.

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Track Name: Beyond the Dawn - Never
Feeling the mist
That caresses my senses,
My sentiments
That once were here...

Now everything disappears,
My memories, my face,
There is nothing...

There is nothing...

Sunset hugging the gray sky,
Seconds that captures the essence of her beauty,
It only remains,
Watch you go from my window...

With ironic smile,
Of knowing that never thou met...


Track Name: Beyond the Dawn - No Llores, Quedate Aqui!
Veo tus ojos empapados, sintiendo el dolor...
de cada una de tus lagrimas que rozan tus mejillas
opacando el brillo de tu mirada.

Nuevamente te encuentras en este laberinto
no llores, cierra tus ojos e imagina un mundo diferente...
Libre de dolor y penas...

El destino juega una vez más con tus sentimientos...
tan solo eres un hermoso sueño que se debe perder ante está realidad..
y permanecer junto a la felicidad, que de alguna manera
te mereces...

Aunque todo se vaya al olvido, quedate aquí...
solo un momento, escucha la lluvia caer, tan solo quedate aqui...
en esta noche... no llores..

No ahogues tus esperanzas en la nada...
No abandones tu camino de encontrar
tu propio destino...

Track Name: Beyond the Dawn & Idaaliur - When Nature Loves (Bonus)
When your beauty captivates my eyes, time Stops...
My tears stop before you, before your delicate, beautiful company...
Each morning I wake with the hope of seeing you, of having you...

You alter the reflection of every horizon,
Where lies your spirit,
Where your love lies...

Your essence makes me travel to
another world,
You make me to escape to a better place,
Far from everything that disturbs me...

You shine in the inmense blue...

While this road becomes increasingly fragile and short,
You iluminate my life

It's face is everything so perfect,
It caresses my senses,
And I do feel beyond the simple emotions...

Although life will be like a shooting star,
You're the reason why
I stay here a little more...

Now my mind only says...

When the nature loves,
Love that goes beyond a feeling,
It flutters through every heartbeat,
When nature loves,
Time stops and it becomes a beautiful

It charm...
It's brightness...

My life... my world...
Will be marked
By the essence of your company...